NJ State Tax Exemption

All Veterans (as of now, the definition of a “veteran” is anyone with a
DD-214 that shows Honorable Discharge) who are residents of New Jersey can
get a $3,000 personnel tax deduction from their income on STATE taxes for
2017. In order to get this deduction, the Veteran needs to submit a copy of
their DD-214 and a form to the NJ Division of Taxation. The below link has
all of the info and the form.

Please note that (1) the website says that it may take up to 3 months for
this to be processed, so don’t wait until April 15th to submit it; and (2)
you have to print the form, sign it, and then scan it as a pdf in order to
submit it on line. If you submit it online, then you will get 3 emails:
confirmation that you submitted it; confirmation Taxation received it; and
then a claim number from Taxation.


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