New Resource for Veterans affected by asbestos illnesses


My name is Carl Jewett, and I’m a retired Naval Officer having spent 24 years in the submarine force (12 enlisted, and 12 as a Mustang). I now serve as a VA Accredited Claims Agent at Mesothelioma Guide, an advocacy organization dedicated to helping patients with asbestos illnesses. We specialize in assisting patients in understanding which treatment options are best suited for their illness, as well as how to find the right doctors that provide those treatment options. As the VA Claims Agent here, I specialize in assisting veterans file for their VA benefits when they have been diagnosed with an asbestos illness as a result of their military service, and have assisted over 1200 veterans file for, and get approved for VA Disability Compensation.

Veterans make up the single largest group of people affected by asbestos illnesses, comprising almost 1/3 of all diagnoses each year. In fact, approximately 6,000 veterans afflicted with this asbestos-caused cancer died between 1999 and 2005 alone, many of whom never filed for their earned VA benefits.

As an advocacy organization, we don’t charge patients for our assistance, so all of our printed materials, patient advocacy resources & assistance are 100% free of charge to patients and their family members.

Carl Jewett
LCDR, US Navy, Retired
Patient Services Director &
VA Accredited Claims Agent